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Schneider Electric Smart Struxure Building Operation Management System

Product Name: Schneider Electric Smart Struxure Building Operation Management System


A SmartStruxure solution server is the core of the system and performs key functionality, such as

control logic, trend logging, and alarm supervision. The Enterprise Server is the Windows application version of a StruxureWare Building Operation server that collects site-wide data for aggregation and archiving, yet is flexible enough to run stand-alone applications. The Enterprise Server also serves as a single point of administration through WorkStation or WebStation for SmartStruxure solution, Schneider Electric’s intelligent Building Management System.


At the top of the SmartStruxure solution architecture is the Enterprise Server. It is the central point from which users can configure, control, and monitor the entire system.

Networking powerhouse

The Enterprise Server can run multiple control programs using a variety of protocols. It can manage alarms, users, schedules, and trend logs. Data from the Enterprise Server can be delivered directly to the user or to other devices and servers throughout the site or enterprise.

Global view of the system

The entire system, including all of the Automation Servers and their associated devices, can be accessed and configured through the Enterprise Server. This overview of the site provides easier mass change engineering and data analysis. The Enterprise Server also aggregates the event and alarm data from all its associated Automation Servers. Trend logs can also be aggregated through the use of extended trend logs.

Text and graphics-based programming tools

Unique to the industry, the Enterprise Server has both Script and Function Block programming options. This flexibility assures that the best programming method can be selected for the application.

Centralized alarms and data management

Alarms from multiple devices throughout the site, including Automation Servers, are collected by the Enterprise Server for centralized logging, display, and management. Users can also view event logs and trend logs from multiple servers.

The Enterprise Server hosts the historical and configuration databases. These databases store current information, including trends, alarms, user activity, and property information.

Advanced activity log

It is important to log more than basic activity. In a SmartStruxure solution, every action is logged with a timestamp, the user who performed the action, and the values that were changed.

WorkStation/WebStation interface

Through any client, the user experience is similar regardless of which SmartStruxure solution server the user is logged on to. The user can log directly on to an Enterprise Server to engineer, commission, supervise, and monitor the Automation Server as well as its attached I/O modules and field bus devices.

Open building protocol support

One of the cornerstones of SmartStruxure solution is support for open standards. The Enterprise Server can natively communicate with three of the most popular standards for buildings: BACnet, LonWorks, and Modbus.

Native BTL-listed BACnet support

The Enterprise Server communicates directly to BACnet/IP networks. It is compliant with ASHRAE 135-2004, the Enterprise Server is BTL-listed as a BACnet Buildling Controller (B-BC), the most advance BACnet device profile, and as a BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS). This capability provides access to the full range of BACnet devices from Schneider Electric and other vendors. See the BTL Product Catalog for up-to-date details on BTL listed software revisions on BACnet International's home page. The Enterprise Server can also serve as a BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) to facilitate BACnet systems that span multiple IP networks.

Native LonWorks support

The Enterprise Server works with a range of LonTalk adapters to communicate to TP/FT-10 LonWorks networks. Integrated LonWorks functionality enables access to LonWorks devices from Schneider Electric and other vendors. LonWorks networks can be commissioned, bound, and configured from the Enterprise Server using the built-in LonWorks Network Management Tool. No third-party tools are needed. To increase ease of use, LNS device plug-ins are supported. This allows for easier engineering and maintenance of LonWorks devices from Schneider Electric and other vendors. There are some limitations on how LNS device plug-ins can be used.

Native Modbus support

The Enterprise Server natively integrates Modbus RS-485 master and slave configurations, as well as TCP client and server. This allows full access to third-party products and the range of Schneider Electric products that communicate on the Modbus protocol, such as power meters, UPS, circuit breakers, and lighting controllers.

Web Services support

The Enterprise Server supports the use of Web Services based on open standards, such as SOAP and REST, to consume data into the SmartStruxure solution. Use incoming third-party data (temperature forecast, energy cost) over the Web to determine site modes, scheduling, and programming.