Cryo High Energy Laser Therapy


Therapeutic souls of CHELT


CHELT Therapy cryotherapy uses dry cold air at -40°C while monitoring and controlling the patient's tissue temperature. It causes strong superficial and deep vasoconstriction that slows cell metabolism, generates intense reactive hyperemia and reduces the conduction speed of nerve fibers. These benefits enhance the anti-inflammatory action, bio stimulation and analgesic effect respectively.


CHELT Therapy also emits hot dry air with adjustable temperature between 35°C and 55°C. The air, penetrating deep into the tissues, causes intense vasodilation, while the tissue temperature is monitored and controlled. The result is deep muscle relaxation, increased joint mobility, enhanced tissue regeneration and pain reduction through inhibition of nociceptive signals.


CHELT Therapy generates thermal shocks of 95°C in less than 1 second with thermal control of the treated biological tissue and activates an intense vascular workout generated by the synergistic effect of cryotherapy and dry air thermotherapy.
This vascular training accelerates the natural healing process, reduces pain sensations and enhances anti-inflammatory action.


Thanks to the adaptive phototherapy of ???????????????????? Therapy it is possible to maximise the therapeutic performaces in patients with different physiopathological characteristics, managing acute and chronic pain, oedemas, injuries, sores and musculoskeletal disorders. This patented technology, already decisive in many applications, uses the other features of CHELT Therapy to provide an even wider and more advanced range of therapies


Cold dry air at -40°C is the carrier of THEAL laser therapy and allows high energy doses to be delivered deep down. At a superficial level, such air induces vasoconstriction, facilitating the penetration of the laser beam down to the deepest tissues: it is thus possible to administer high energy doses that favor the biomodulation of biological tissues

The effects of CHELT Therapy
The unique synergistic combination of cryotherapy at -40°C and the patented E2C stochastic mode
of THEAL laser therapy generates an enhanced analgesic effect.
Cryotherapy at -40°C limits blood extravasation and allows early instrumental investigations to identify
the best therapeutic strategy and achieve rapid functional recovery.
In addition, the correct dose that THEAL Therapy PBM brings to the tissues, anticipates rehabilitation and accelerates healing.
Thanks to superficial vasoconstriction, the laser beam can continuously reach the deepest layers of tissue,
thus, achieving tangible results more quickly.
The nitrogen monoxide production of photobiomodulation causes vasodilation,
while cryotherapy generates vasoconstriction: this vascular exercise accelerates the natural healing process.

For which pathologies is CHELT Therapy recommended? Pathologies

For all acute and chronic pathologies of the locomotor system, in particular:
CHELT is an effective and decisive therapy for many states of suffering of the nerve structures: inflammations, radiculopathies and herniated discs, in both acute and chronic conditions.
In the case of soft tissues, healing is just as important as healing earlier: CHELT treatments, using the PBM mechanism, are ideal for counteracting the formation of scars and fibrotic tissue, preventing dangerous relapses.
CHELT Therapy acts on inflammatory states with a rapid analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect: patients with injuries and tendon pathologies will appreciate this result and, in many cases, will be able to reduce or eliminate medication.
CHELT Therapy is used in the treatment of edemas of surgical or traumatic origin: the laser light increases the production of nitric oxide in the tissues, promoting vasodilatation and the rapid reabsorption of edema.
CHELT therapy makes it possible to optimize the PBM mechanism for tissue regeneration in pathological, post-operative and post-traumatic wounds. It is also possible to improve and resolve functional limitations caused by the presence of scars and keloids.

Why choose CHELT Therapy?

  • Because its effectiveness is scientifically proven.
  • Because it is unique, safe and effective.
  • Because it maximises therapeutic effects.
  • Because it is the therapy of the third millennium.
  • Because it adapts to the patient's unique characteristics.

CHELT Therapy is the result of collaboration between Mectronic and various institutes and universities over years of innovation and scientific research.

Immediate pain reliefIn 98% of patients

Scientific researchOver 90.000 behind CHELT

Therapeutic combinationsover 130 billion, for maximum flexibility

Patents7 internationally