Third millennium tecar therapy!

Doctor Tecar Therapy: not a simple tecar therapy

Doctor Tecar Therapy is a medical treatment that uses high-frequency alternating electrical currents to
deliver energy to biological tissues for therapeutic purposes.

Doctor Tecar Therapy mechanism of action

Various scientific studies have shown that biological tissues modify their conductivity and permectivity as the frequency of the currents passing through them changes. Doctor Tecar Therapy, thanks to its innovative multi-frequency generator, emits alternating electric currents at variable frequencies that allow energy to be delivered to different biological structures for therapeutic purposes.
Doctor Tecar Therapy can emit variable-frequency alternating current with the widest frequency range currently available (from 300 kHz to 1.5 MHz), thus making it possible to administer energy to different biological structures in the same treatment.
Current with frequencies between 300 kHz and 500 kHz interacts more and releases energy to 'hard' tissues with less fluid, such as bones, tendons and ligaments.

The effects of Doctor Tecar Therapy
By transmitting the correct dose of energy to the tissue, it generates polarization of the cell membranes. The resulting flow of electrolytes promotes transmembrane exchanges in the cell, balancing the intra- and extra-cellular matrix and reactivating all metabolic processes.
By generating the hyperpolarization of the fast fibers through the rapid oscillation of the electromagnetic field, it prevents the propagation of the painful stimulus, offering the patient a gradual regression of symptoms and a feeling of rediscovered well-being.
When used during/immediately after rehabilitation or in the convalescence phase, Doctor Tecar Therapy activates the lymphatic system, accelerating the circulation and thus the absorption of lactic acid crystallized in the muscle, eliminating the feeling of pain.
By causing a localized increase in tissue temperature, it stimulates the circulatory system to thermoregulate. The resulting strong vascularization and vasodilation of ischemic areas promotes an immediate increase in hemolymph mobility.
Using the Bio transfer algorithm, it doses the energy and controls the vasodilatation so that the naturally thermal state of the tissue can generate the flushing of inflammatory catabolites in the injured region.
By increasing localized heat, it causes vasodilation. This increases arterial blood flow, ensuring proper muscular oxygenation of poorly vascularized areas where contractures or muscle fibrosis are present, providing immediate benefits.

For which Pathologies is Doctor Tecar Therapy recommended?Pathologies

For all acute and chronic diseases of the locomotor system, in particular:
By stimulating the microcirculation and acting on free nerve endings, it rebalances the membrane potentials of nociceptors and blocks the painful sensation through the release of endorphins.
By acting directly on trigger points in combination with massage, it promotes rapid vascularization
of connective tissue and ischemic tissue to eliminate them.
Treats back pain and other painful conditions of inflammatory, osteoarticular and muscular origin very effectively,
without side effects and with stable results over time.
By stimulating the circulatory system and increasing blood flow, it collects catabolites and excess fluid, reducing edema, swelling and pain sensation.
By causing vasodilatation resulting in bio stimulation, it eliminates the myofascial retractions by correcting postural vices, strengthens muscle tissue and restores the balance between agonist and antagonist muscles.

Why Doctor Tecar Therapy?

  • Because it has scientifically proven efficacy.
  • Because it is safe.
  • Because it amplifies the main therapeutic effects.
  • Because it delivers the correct therapeutic dose.

Doctor Tecar Therapy has scientifically proven efficacy based on research studies.The numbers of Doctor Tecar Therapy

Almost 20 years

of experience and use of this method

Over 100

scientific research behind Doctor Tecar Therapy

Over 16 billion

treatments carried out worldwide

Over 2500

professionals using it

Over 2500

professionals using it

2 billion

therapeutic combinations