The therapeutic solution for all your acute and chronic pathologies

5 therapeutic cores in synergy CHELT Therapy

- Combine the advantages of THEAL Therapy and Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy and Thermal Shock
- Indicated for all musculoskeletal system pathologies
- Maximize therapeutic effects with safety and adaptive nature of CHELT

Discover the therapy adaptable to every patientTHEAL Therapy

- Adaptive and Customizable solution for acute and chronic pathologies

- Extend the possibilities of photo and laser therapy

The safe , effective and high-performance laser therapy of the third millenniumMHEL Therapy

- The laser therapy for hands-on therapeutic results

- Operator centric, flexible and standardized with maximum benefits of photo biomodulation (PBM)

Not just a simple tecartherapy Doctor Tecar Therapy

- Multi-frequency generation and variable current to administer different biological structures and provide therapeutic results
- Thermal and Electric actions treat deep pathologies
- Bio-stimulant, Anti-inflammatory, antalgic and toxic absorbent therapy

The evolution of shockwave therapyAMSW Therapy

- The shockwave therapy promoting rapid repairing
- Speedy tissue regeneration with reduced discomfort and no pain
- Treating more than 15 pathologies

An excellent choice for the best physiotherapy experience Capre FX3 Treatment Table

1. Modern look with trendy and highly durable one-coloured upholstery

2. Safe Working Load (SWL) 250 kg

3. Ergonomic design and plenty of options and accessories make the table versatile and easy to use

Excellent Value for MoneyDelta Standard Treatment Table

1. Three or five sections

Versatility for physiotherapistsCapre F Treatment Table

1. Very low minimum height: Electric height adjustment 45 – 92 cm or hydraulic adjustment 49 - 90 cm

2. Stepless arm supports featuring quick adjustment with gas springs (only F5), anatomic upholstery supports the arm of the patient

3. Three or five sections

The most versatile treatment table in the worldManuthera 242 Mobilisation Table

1. Extremely wide range of Hi-Lo adjustment

2. Electronic Tilt up / Tilt down function for gravity-based treatment; also enabling easier access for patients onto the table. Spinal decompression has never been this efficient and pleasant for the patient!

3. Adjustable legs with support paws

Reliable and easy to use
Delta Professional Treatment Table

1. A classic table that gets excellent reviews

2. Reliable, easy to use and extremely durable

3. Diverse range of accessories allows the treatment table to be tailored according to individual needs

Leading the way in physiotherapy tables
Capre FX5 Treatment Table

1. Modern look with durable and stylish two-coloured upholstery

2. Sturdy frame and two separate motor pillars make the table extremely stable - Safe Working Load (SWL) of 250 kg

3. Side-foldable armrests together with other stunning accessories make the table versatile, ergonomic and easy to use

A design alternative for a basic treatment tableCapre M Treatment Table

Main features:
1. Two or four sections

2. Safe Working Load (SWL) 210 kg

3. Very low minimum height: electric height adjustment 45 – 92 cm or hydraulic adjustment 49 - 90 cm

Treatment table for basic treatments and examination purposes
Capre F2 Treatment Table

1. Safe working load (SWL) 210 kg

2. Modern design

3. Table stands firmly on its own feet when in use

Sturdy treatment table for neurological therapy
Bobath Mat Table

1. Very high safe working load (SWL) 400 kg

2. Patented structure that makes the table sturdy and well suited for heavy use

3. Patient lifts fit easily underneath even when the table is at its lowest height (40 cm)

High-tech IT Convergence Orthopedic Remedy Table
Spine Care System


Width: 670mm (sheet)
Length: 1760(sheet) ~ 2280(handle)mm
Up-Down Pitch: 590~890mm
Power: AC 220V

Motorized Auto Drop (self-cocking), Auto Traction-Flexion Lateral Flexion, Traction (decompression), Cervical Flexion (Lateral, axial rotation)