MHEL (Multi-mode High Energy Laser) laser therapy is a high-energy laser methodology designed by Mectronic: It allows for excellent therapeutic results thanks to the possibility of modulating laser emission.

Therapeutic efficiency beyond standardization

Traditional rehabilitation therapies are lacking in flexibility and very standardized. Mectronic has placed the operator at the center of its technologies: MHEL has revolutionized physiotherapy methods by offering wide opportunities to customize laser treatments, maximizing the benefits of photo bio-modulation (PBM).

What are the effects of THEAL Therapy?
It stimulates fibroblast proliferation with subsequent collagen production to rebalance the extracellular matrix and re-shape tissues.
It quickly reduces muscular, articular or neuropathic pain without any side effects, thanks to the innovative E²C emission mode that optimizes interaction with the peripheral nervous system.
Modulates the release of oxygen from oxygenated hemoglobin, resolving topical problems of ischemia and hypoxia to promote muscle fiber relaxation.
Modulates inflammatory processes by triggering vasodilatation, increasing oxygen supply to the affected tissues and thus activating key metabolic activities.
Stimulates neo-angiogenesis and restores microcirculation by promoting the collection of excess fluid produced by inflammatory processes.

What disease is MHEL THERAPY indicated for?

For all diseases of the locomotor system, both acute and chronic:
The laser pulses of variable power, duration and frequency of MHEL Therapy's patented E²C stochastic mode promote rapid overcoming of the pain symptom.
In the case of soft tissues, recovering is just as important as recovering faster: MHEL Therapy, by the PBM mechanism, is perfect to prevent the formation of scars and fibrotic tissue, which can lead to dangerous relapses.
MHEL Therapy acts on inflammatory states with a rapid analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect: this is highly appreciated by patients with injuries and tendon pathologies, as in many cases the use of drugs can be reduced or even eliminated.
MHEL Therapy is used in the treatment of oedemas originating from surgery or trauma: laser phototherapy stimulates the increase of nitric oxide in the tissue, promoting vasodilation and accelerating the reabsorption of edema.
MHEL Therapy, thanks to the photobiomodulation mechanism (PBM), promotes tissue regeneration and repair processes, which recover their natural and balanced structural integrity.

Why choose MHEL Therapy?

The fastest and most effective laser therapy to support physiotherapy

  • Because it suits the unique characteristics of the patient.
  • Because it allows a wide range of pathologies to be treated.
  • In short, because it works.

Scientific research speaks for itself: here are the numbers to prove it!

Immediate pain reliefin 93% of cases

Clear overall improvementin 97% of cases

Efficacy provenby 19000 scientific articles